About Me

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to study in the field of Industrial Engineering and learn new methods and developments to streamline critical business processes such as Production, Procurement, Logistics, Marketing, Information Technology, Financial affairs and etc.

I have learnt how to successfully adapt constant business fluctuations and highly appreciated that flexibility and adaptability for overcoming today’s challenges are unique instruments in dealing with different clients. I have always sought the chance to innovate in everything I do, taking risks in trying what has been deemed too difficult by applying unconventional approaches.

I am curious, living online connected to technology quite literally. My professional goals include continuing to grow in leadership and knowledge, excel in innovative technology applications, interact and share with team members and colleagues, and develop world-class solutions to real world challenges. My passion is contemplating and thinking about complex problems, finding and suggesting accredited remedies and leading teams towards solving the problems.

As I approach my 5th working anniversary, I am proud of my dynamic growth in financial and banking, industrial, and commercial services. To achieve this growth, I have capitalized on selected opportunities including strategic expansion, several discrete acquisitions and exciting forays into emerging markets and businesses. My ambitions are to provide total solutions in business and investment consultancy across different industries and services. As part of my ongoing efforts to further my presence across Iran, the Middle East and Central Asia, I am tirelessly developing remedies by offering expertise in design and support with incessant life cycle services. Commitment to collaborating my colleagues, along with continuously upgrading and modernizing my methods cements more and more my relationships and ties with my diverse clientele.

To reach these missions, I have established my business collaboration with several progressive companies in the following business sectors:

  • Financial, Banking and Insurance

  • International Transportation and Trading

  • Industrial Business

  • Fuels, Renewable Energies and Sustainable Development

Language Proficiency

As I am really interested in involving in different communities, I do love to communicate with them in an effective way. Hence, I need to speak with their own language. This is the reason why I am a Trilingual person speaking Persian (Mother tongue), English and French fluently.


Hobbies and Interests

Learning Foreign Languages

Reading Novels


Digital Photography

Doing Sports